May the odds be EVER in your favor

Yes, this is the obligatory Hunger Games post. So, obviously, spoilers ahead.

I went to see The Hunger Games movie yesterday with two friends. I had picked my ticket up on Tuesday and waiting the rest of the week out was terrible (possibly more so for the people around me who had to deal with giddy Kali). I would have seen it at midnight, but because the buses don’t run that late and I don’t drive, going to midnight is a bit of a hassle. If Rachel had been in town I would have dragged her and since she drives it would have been perfect, but since she’s out of town I decided that midnight would have to be a no-go.

Not going to midnight has its positives and its negatives. I love the atmosphere of midnight releases – everyone is a big fan and everyone is just as excited as I am which is a major plus. However, unless you have the time to wait in line from early in the day, it’s a lot harder to get good seats. Plus, you’re super tired the next day. Even though it seems that the negatives outweigh the positives though, I will definitely go to midnight next time if I can manage it.

I had heard that Suzanne Collins (the author of The Hunger Games books) had had a hand in writing the screenplay (which turned out to be true) and that was a good sign as far as keeping the movie in line with the books themselves. It also probably helped that I didn’t reread right before the movie release because then I didn’t nitpick every little detail that was off.

The movie was really, really good in my opinion. I know some people have found the beginning a little slow and I can see why, but the action really picks up once the tributes enter the arena. The avox storyline was cut which I found kind of sad, but I can also see why they did it. Although it does make me wonder what will happen with Pollux in Mockingjay.

Rue. Since I had already read the books I knew what her fate was to be. When I caught my first glimpse of her my breath caught – Amandla Stenberg played her perfectly in my opinion. I really wish they had given us a little more of her though – I especially would have liked the scene where Katniss and Rue teamed up and they had a conversation about their lives back in their respective Districts. However, I still loved Rue, and when she died and Katniss covered her with flowers before giving the District 12 sign of kissing the three middle fingers and raising them to the air was especially heart-wrenching. And then watching the Citizens of 11 do it as well. I do wish they hadn’t shown the rioting in 11 though – as we’re not technically supposed to know about the riots until Catching Fire.

Since The Hunger Games is told from the point of view of Katniss this necessarily meant that the movie would lose some of that depth that you get from being in her head. It was expected, but I still think they handled it well. I particularly liked that we got some of the inside view of the gamemakers which we could not have gotten in the book. I also think they portrayed the Capitol perfectly. I think my friend described it best as part circus, part Comic-Con.

I wish they hadn’t cut the scenes of Peeta and Katniss in the cave so short though. I also wish they had shown that Katniss got sleeping medicine from a sponsor to put Peeta out so she could go get him the medicine from the Cornucopia. I think it added something to the story that him just falling asleep didn’t. On the topic of Peeta’s leg – they let him keep it. I suppose it wasn’t a super huge plot-point, but I think it really showed that even the victors of the games were still losers (a point that is further driven home in later books, especially by Finnick).

I know this seems like I had a lot of problems with the movie, but to be honest I didn’t really. The acting was amazing – everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to the unnamed extras was spot on. And (not that I know much about the sound or film stuff), but it was all done amazingly. The tension was just right and the actual filming, scenery, etc was gorgeous. It wasn’t perfect, but I never expected it to be. I still can’t wait to see it again with Rachel next week, and I really want a Mockingjay pin even though Ashley would probably have a fit (she hates The Hunger Games a LOT). I already can’t wait for the release of Catching Fire, but I’m going to have to.

This is the cup I got at the theater for an extra 50 cents. Thanks Stephanie!

I’m really glad I’m too old to be in the Hunger Games because I know I’d be dead on day one. I’d run as fast as I could away from the Cornucopia and still be one of the first to die.

Happy Hunger Games Everyone!

– Kali