Pottermore, finally!

I got a text this morning shortly after waking up from none other than Kali informing me that the one thing I’d been waiting since October for is finally here. Pottermore is finally, finally, open to the public! Instantly upon reading this text message a great sense of wonder, happiness, and excitement filled me. I was literally bouncing up and down on the bed/couch in my living room while letting out this very excited and high pitched squeals. If my roommates had been home they probably would have cringed. XD

Immediately I opened up my internet browser and pulled up the long awaited potter more site and that’s when I saw it. The absolutely wonderful “Sign Up” button. With a growing anticipation and excitement I clicked the button, filled out the information, and then sent it all in. Minutes later I received the validation email and was able to validate my account. It was then that I found out some very saddening news, I couldn’t explore the wonderful world of Pottermore until I’d received an email telling me I could. Since then (about an hour ago) I’ve been eagerly awaiting the email’s arrival.

Kali told me that they were trying to process and get everyone into Pottermore as quickly as possible, but I doubt I’m the only one excited to get into Pottermore, so the backlog will probably be horrendous. I can only hope that they hurry.

Many magical dreams to you!
Rachel ❤

P.S. (written at midnight!)

It took 9.5 hours for the email to arrive, and only about 4 to work my through the first book (which is the only one currently available). It was tremendous amounts of fun and I love being a part of Pottermore. Spells were tricky at first to cast and get the hang of, but I love making potions. XD

Also, I’M A GRYFFINDOR!! When I went to take the test for which the sorting hat, I was so nervous and excited my heart was beating so fast and for a good five minutes I couldn’t actually calm down enough to take the test. How pathetic is that? I loved every minute and am more than proud to be in the noble House of Gryffindor. I was thinking it would be either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor for me and would have been able to live happily with either one, though I am really glad I got gryffindor. It also means that in my group of friends here at university there is a member of each house amongst us. Slytherin even has two.

The only thing I wonder about Pottermore is if there is a way to make more galleons than just the ones you pick up while wandering around the game? If anyone knows, I would appreciate the sharing of this wonderful and all important knowledge.