Winter Break

Wow, it’s certainly been a hectic week or so. All my exams are over now and I’m just awaiting results to come in. I’ve gotten my mark for my EU class and I got an A. I’m really happy about that. I even think my theory exam went alright, but I haven’t gotten my mark for that class yet. I’m expecting it any time now though.

My dress for the Yule Ball arrived from ModCloth. It’s really pretty and I’m so excited for Yule Ball now (not that I wasn’t before). I think I’m more excited for that than for Christmas oddly enough.

Fortunately for me Rachel’s aunt is letting us stay with her when we’re in Vancouver so that takes some of the cost out of the trip. Currently the plan is to go over on the Thursday and come home on the Friday, but if Rachel isn’t working it’s been suggested that we go over on the Wednesday and spend some time in the city. You certainly won’t hear me complaining, I love cities. Unfortunately my job ends after boxing day which means I’ll be on the job hunt… again. On the plus side though, that means I don’t have to worry about taking the time off for the ball.

I really do hate job hunting though so that’s going to be a pain. Plus it will be after Christmas so nobody will be hiring. I guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. At least I’ll have plenty of time to study until I find a job (if I manage to).

It’s also weird to think that two weeks today (at this time actually) I’ll be sitting in a classroom as the first class of my second semester (International Relations) will just be starting. I’m really excited though. Plus, now that I’ve gotten all my student loan stuff sorted out I have a load off my shoulders.

Now I just need to finish buying Christmas presents and finish buying textbooks. I think with Christmas with Rachel and attending the Yule Ball this is going to be the best winter break ever!

– Kali


December Plans

Our Christmas Tree

The tree at my place has been up for a couple of weeks, but Rachel and I decorated it just the other night (with a little help from my mom and her boyfriend). My mom almost always moves the decorations after letting me decorate it because she would prefer it her way and this time was no exception – although she did redecorate it less this time. I guess that means Rachel has a better eye for decoration than I do.

We’ve decided to make an effort to put more pictures into our posts to try to make them more interesting, but I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I go places. I will try harder although admittedly I’m not going many places that aren’t work right now.

Rachel’s not going home for Christmas this year so she’ll be spending Christmas with us instead. My mom and I (and now Rachel and mom’s boyfriend) are just doing stockings for each other. Mom is easy enough to buy for since I’ve been doing it for years, and I know Rachel well enough to know what will make her happy (I’ve ordered her a few things from Etsy. One has shipped and one, according to my calculations should ship on Thursday), but mom’s boyfriend is proving more difficult. Rachel and I basically harassed him the other night trying to figure out what to buy him.

I’m trying to get some shopping done alongside working and studying for exams. Fortunately the holiday season means that most stores are open later so I can go after work. My exams start this Saturday with my European Integration and the European Union exam. I’m not insanely nervous about that one, but I am about my Political Theory one next Tuesday. I’m pretty sure I’m only going into Theory with a B- and the exam is worth 40% of my mark (YIKES). There’s nothing I can do but study and hope I do alright. At least Theory will be over in a week.

On a happier school note though, textbooks lists went up December 1st. Unfortunately the texts for my Greek and Roman Mythology and my Religion in Europe classes weren’t there yet, and I’m hoping to pick up a used copy of my International Relations text, but I did manage to get 2/3 of the texts for my History of the Modern Middle East class. One is War and Peace in the Middle East by Avi Shlaim, and the other is A History of the Modern Middle East by William Cleveland and Martin Bunton. I haven’t taken a look at either yet (and I wont until after my exams), but they look interesting. It also turns out that one of mine and Rachel’s mutual friends is in my History of the Modern Middle East class which is great. We met her in our sign language class last year as well and I haven’t had a class with her since.

I’m going to go make lunch now and then get back to studying the European Union. Our NaNo Thank God It’s Over (TGIO) party is on Friday so I’m losing that study time, but it’s completely worth it. Also, I finished the actual story of my NaNo novel on November 26th at 61,334 words and started something new (not the sequel though. I needed a break from that world for a while). Unfortunately I haven’t done any work on the new novel since the Sprint to the Finish we had in our region on November 30th. Maybe I’ll get back to it after exams.

Also, I ordered a dress for the Yule Ball from ModCloth. I hope it gets here in time since it’s only 23 days away. It’s supposed to arrive here by Friday at the earliest and the 28th at the latest. Everything I’ve read tells me their shipping tends to be pretty fast. Fingers crossed.

– Kali

The Last Days

From today on, my classes are officially the last one. The thought of this brings on a nostalgia for me; despite everything I had enjoyed my courses. Yes, there were times when I just wanted to give up and curl into a ball, but I see that as a part of university. Two of my five classes today were the last ones. Ever. Tomorrow two more will be over, leaving just one class and a tutorial on friday. It is finally starting to dawn on me that this term is over. My first term as a second year student.

My hopes for this term were much higher: for my courses, my grades, and my work ethic. Every one of those disappointed. My courses weren’t as interesting as I thought they would be, my grades aren’t going to be very good or even better than last year, and my work ethic sucks. As soon as I discovered a FanFiction site that opened up hundreds of thousands of Harry Potter and specifically Snarry fanfics, everything else was pushed to the side and forgotten. The only things I managed to do were eat, sleep, go to classes, and go to work. No homework or course readings were done, not until the last minute possible, and even then it wasn’t as good quality it could have been. I am disappointed in myself, to be honest.

From this day until my last exam is over, I will not start a new fan fiction story. The only extracurricular reading I will be doing is the new updates of fanfics that are already on my alerts list. No more. This is my promise to myself, for I have a lot of work to do before the end of exams.

Today is also the last day of NaNoWriMo, and I am still 2,200 words away from being finished. That is the 50,000 word goal and not my personal one of 75,000. This, as well, is another thing that I foolishly pushed aside for Snarry fanfics and a source of regret. I know I will reach the 50,000, but it’s still a disappointment. I will be able to order the really cool winner’s shirt, but not according to my own word goal (not that that is going to stop me, it is a really cool shirt).

There is hope yet, not for one class, but for the rest of them, if I study hard and diligently. A lot of planning and will power will be required for this, but I believe that I can do it. If I try.

On a much happier note for me, I ordered my wand from Whimsic Alley for the Yule Ball coming up on the 29th (that I am very very excited for). I couldn’t actually decide between two wands, so I ordered them both (they were having a sale) as well as a sheath (that I am going to use to store my wand on my thigh). This was not my only purchase for this week, ModCloth was also having a sale and I purchased two skirts. Two absolutely adorable skirts that I can’t wait for them to arrive. Hopefully the email notifying me they have been sent out will arrive soon; I have already received the email declaring the order has been received and is being processed.

The Yule Ball would have to be the one event of the next few months (if not the year) that I am most excited for. I have never been to a Harry Potter event, and I find myself a little nervous about what to expect, not too much, though, for Kali will also be there. I have yet to decide if I want to get a new dress for this or not, only time will tell.