End of Term & NaNo Fever

As the semester draws to a close we feel the inevitable call of the NaNoWriMo song. That’s right, it’s NaNo Fever time. Maybe it’s because March is the November of the semester, or maybe we’re just wishing we could be writing for fun instead of for academia, but no matter what the reason is, it’s there. This year the Victoria region had a social meetup – we met at a local park and eventually made our way downtown where we holed up in the Starbucks in Chapters (a traditional Victoria NaNo write-in spot) and talked.

Victoria’s not a large region by any means, but we’re comfortably middle sized. Unfortunately only 7 of us were there – Rachel, Kali, our friends Ashley and Aaron, an area ML, someone we’ll call ‘The One with the Dolls’, and a guy none of us had ever seen before. Still, even though it was small it was a lot of fun. We both really like our fellow participants so it was cool to see them outside of a NaNo context.

Beacon Hill Park was a nice place to meet, but it’s still pretty brisk here in Victoria even though it’s Spring. Rachel managed to get a few pictures on her phone of the park. Since Kali’s always lived in Victoria she didn’t think to bring a camera because even though the park is pretty, it’s just the park.

Over the Bridge

Ducks in the Pond!

The Cherry Blossoms are Blooming as Usual

In the next little while we get to do a lot of writing… unfortunately it’s for exams. On the plus side though – Camp NaNo starts in June!

Wish us luck!

– Rachel & Kali