Sassy Answers to Future Questions

When you’re a kid the question of what you want to be when you grow up is fun and relatively simple for most of us. Generally you answer with a big grin and some far fetched idea. For me it was an actress – until I was 13 and then I was going to be a lawyer.

But it feels like the older you get, the more frustrating that question gets, the more pressure there seems to be to have a legitimate and thoughtful answer.


There were times during my undergraduate degree when I waffled on the whole law school idea – though I always came back to it in the end – and times where even if I really wanted law school I just was not convinced I had a chance at being smart enough to get in. And it was around this time that the questions started cropping up again. “So, what do you want to do next?” “What are you going to do with that [a double major in political science and religious studies]?”

And I, like most of my classmates, both hated and dreaded that question in equal measure. Because the truth of the matter was that we weren’t 100% sure what was coming next, and even if we were sure what we wanted to come next that did not mean we would get it. And so my answers, as they tend to do when I’m feeling pressured, got sassy. “Oh, I’m going to solve the problems in the Middle East” I would say, or, “I’m going to save the world. Obviously.”

The same thing has happened now that I’m in law school. Except now the question isn’t asking what I’m going to do with my degree, but what kind of law I want to practice. And my answer isn’t as sassy (yet), but currently it’s something along the lines of “I’m not sure, but based on my classes for next year – the kind that won’t make any money”.

And yes, this is a long winded way of saying what my classes are for next year. So, here they are:

Fall Semester

  1. Family Law
  2. Mental Health Law
  3. Business Associations
  4. Clinical Litigation Practice (which is basically my working in the legal aid clinic)

Winter Semester

  1. Civil Procedure
  2. Administrative Law
  3. Immigration and Refugee Law
  4. Feminist Legal Studies Workshop
  5. Clinical Litigation Practice

So yeah, I wasn’t exactly kidding when I said the kinds of law that aren’t the big money makers, but I’m so excited and really there is more to life than money.

  • Kali

Bad News

Things were going just a little too well. That changed.

A couple of weeks ago now I received a Facebook message from my mom’s old boss asking me to call him. When I did he dropped a bomb on me that I definitely did not expect – they had found my mother dead in her apartment.

Within 24 hours I was on a flight to Victoria BC because I had to be there as the next of kin. My friend’s parents paid for the round trip flight using their points even. Everyone both at the school and back in Victoria has been amazingly supportive. I was only able to stay for a week and it was a whirlwind trip – including cleaning out the old apartment, meeting with the funeral directors, holding a small memorial, etc. At this same time we were in the midst of course selection for next year as well. It has been a hectic and chaotic time.

I’m (amazingly) back on track now. I don’t think I’ll need exam deferral (which is good because that would be a real pain with the whole castle thing) even though I’m still a little bit behind where I wish I was. Though, I imagine that’s how a lot of people are thinking at this time since we have our last day of classes on Friday!

My mom and I were always really close – she was a single parent and I her only child so it was always us against the world. I miss her and I always will. With that in mind I thought I would share some of our favourite in jokes here to be preserved.

  1. “You lost me at DNA” – this started when I was in grade 12 and studying for a biology test. I was explaining how DNA and RNA work (not that I remember any of it now) to her in order to help study. I did well on my test, but she was soon lost.
  2. “Why can’t you go get pregnant like a normal girl?” – In case it hasn’t been obvious I’m not exactly a wild child. As much as my mother accepted her geeky, fandom obsessed kid sometimes she just wished I was a little less weird. I think this was said for the first time when I was about 18 or 19. Somewhere in there.
  3. “What’s my password again?” – I definitely got this question too many times to remember when it started. For some reason she was absolutely useless at remembering any of her passwords or emails, etc. Sometimes she would even call me while I was in class and I would call her back, panicking that something was wrong to find out everything/everyone was fine, but she needed her password NOW!
  4. “You know I’d love you even if you were a lesbian…” – Uhhh thanks mom? I’m not, but it’s good to know you’re not a homophobe I guess.
  5. “Why didn’t you tell me I dress like a teenager!” – My teenaged cousin came to visit and my mother realized she owned the same clothes. I did tell you mom, I really did.

We were nothing alike in looks or personality in a lot of ways, but we shared a sense of humor that I will always cherish.

  • Kali

Saucy Intruder

Some people say that law school is just like going back to high school. In some ways I can see their point – you’re all in one building, you have classes with the same people (though I imagine this is less so in upper years when you get to choose your classes), and you even have lockers.

Despite all this though there are still times when I’m sitting in class and suddenly it will just hit me – holy crap, I’m actually in law school. I know it’s real, but it’s still kind of hard to believe.

On one of our first days of Property our prof went over a case called Pierson v. Post. The basics of Pierson v. Post are that Post went out to catch a fox, but before he managed it Pierson basically jumped out of the woods and caught the fox – Pierson, according to the judgement, is a ‘saucy intruder’. But Pierson got to keep the fox; sometimes the saucy intruder wins (even if he is a jerk). And sometimes I feel like the saucy intruder of law school. Like I don’t deserve to be here, but I finagled my way in anyway. And the judges somehow came down on my side.

How is a shipwreck like a fox?

How is a shipwreck like a fox? Who is the saucy intruder?

But, then sometimes I do feel like I fit. I understand what is going on in classes, I’m keeping up with the reading (for now), and I was even selected for a position with Pro Bono Students Canada. And, if nothing else, I am sitting in the law lounge at 9am. So I guess I must belong.

Chai latte from CoGro - I still kind of miss Biblio though!

Chai latte from CoGro – I still kind of miss Biblio though!

  • Kali

What Time Is It? Adventure Time!

This is a break from our vacation posts to post something completely different. I made a new friend at work this summer. She’s a student too – she’s in Visual Art. During the summer we would have weekly milkshakes, but now that we’re both back on campus we’ve changed them into weekly coffee/tea/specialty drink times so we can hang out and chat. For the purpose of anonymity I’ll be calling her Pinkie.

Yesterday we had our get together and somehow we got onto the subject of how I had never been to the Poli Sci common room/lounge/whatever you want to call it. So, we decided to go check it out. As Pinkie said – What time is it? Adventure Time.

We found it with relative ease – I had a vague idea of where it was at least. We looked around a bit and we both noticed a board game sitting on top of this cabinet. The name of the game – Class Struggle. No, I am not kidding. It’s a real thing. Naturally we had to pull it down and take a look.

Class Struggle

Class Struggle: To Prepare for Life in Capitalist America – an educational game for kids from 8 to 80.

I can’t decide what the best part of this is, the terrible photoshopping or the lovely explanation of the game. We knew what we needed to do, we needed to play the game.

There were two rule books - we used the beginners rules

There were two rule books – we used the beginners rules

The first thing we had to do (other than reading the rules) was to roll a die to decide what class we would be. There are the Capitalists, the Workers, and the Minor Classes (Shopkeepers, Students, Farmers, etc). Since there were only two of us we ignored the minor class part – she got to be the Capitalists and I was the Workers. I also made her be the bank (she is the Capitalist after all XD).

Game Board

Just like in Monopoly there are chance cards, but in Class Struggle the Capitalists and the Workers have their own piles of cards – I have no idea what the Minor Classes do – maybe they don’t get them? Or maybe it depends on something which pile they get to choose from? They can also choose to join an alliance with one of the major classes so maybe it depends on alliances?

Close Up

Yeah, that’s right. If the workers win it’s Socialism and if the Capitalists win it’s Barbarism.

The game actually did not take very long – it might take longer if there’s more people playing.

Just Zipping Along

Just Zipping Along

The chance cards are just kind of hilarious (actually, it’s all rather hilarious in a this is ridiculous and depressing game sort of way). I think this was my favorite one that I pulled.

Yeah, I also earned Assets which was a nice change.

Yeah, I also earned Assets which was a nice change.

From what we understood there are three different possible endings. One: The Capitalists win and squash the workers hopes and dreams. Two: The Workers win and there is revolution (I feel like this is probably rare). And then there’s number three: Nuclear War (Everyone Loses). Yes, Nuclear War is a legitimate way this game can end. Cheery, right?

Pinkie Killed Us All

Pinkie Killed Us All

Our game ended in Nuclear War. Which I guess is good for me because I would have lost either way? At least this way we both lost I guess…

It was, certifiably cheesy and ridiculous, but despite that (or maybe because of it) I would play it again in an instant.

The Back of the Box

The Back of the Box

Isn’t the back of the box great? I particularly love the ‘First of it’s Class’ and ‘Bored of Education’ bits. Yeah, apparently you can play this with your class if you’re a teacher. In the extended booklet there’s even a bit that sort of explains all the different board squares with lovely explanations about why the Assets (good) and Debits (bad) are doled out to each class on any given square. It includes lovely reminders about how the Capitalists don’t want black and white (or male and female)  workers to unite because it’s easier to make money off them if they’re divided. I don’t know that that would be a good game to play with kids, but then, what do I know? It might have been fun in high school, but before that… Well, I don’t know what they were teaching kids in school when this game came out, but I’m not sure 8 year old me even knew what Capitalism was.

And Pinkie and I now have a new plan for our weekly get togethers – to explore the lounges/common rooms of every faculty on campus (except maybe the engineers/math, but that remains to be seen). Neither of us think anyone else will beat the hilarity that was Class Struggle, but I guess only time will tell.

– Kali

We Touched the Atlantic!

When we left the airport in Baltimore it was a completely new experience for me at least. Now just Baltimore – clearly that was new to both of us – but the HUMIDITY! Now, I had heard of humidity before – even had people say a day was particularly humid, but I never truly understood what that meant until I walked out into the sunshine of Baltimore. It probably didn’t help that I had been in the same clothes without having had a chance to take a shower for, well, far too long.

The station for the Baltimore Light Rail (I have to give props, it’s probably one of my favorite ways to travel and no two have ever had the same name – Vancouver SkyTrain, St. Louis MetroLink, and now the Baltimore Light Rail) was connected to the airport. I was pretty relieved. I really just wanted to get to the hotel and flop down for a little bit. Not too long because I wanted to take a bit of a look around Baltimore, but at least long enough to change my clothes.

There were a few other waiting for the Light Rail as well and we ended up talking to one guy who was also going to BronyCon – in fact he was working BronyCon. He had never been to Baltimore either so once we got the usual questions out of the way (Where are you from? What do you do? Is this your first pony Con? Who is best pony? – Actually, I’m joking about the last one) a lot of our discussion was related to making sure we got off at the right stop.

We separated and began our trek to the hotel. We were staying in the Radisson while he was in the Hilton. It was only a short walk to the hotel and we actually ended up semi-following this pair (couple?) who had also been on the Light Rail with us – she had a tattoo of Rarity’s cutie mark so we knew they were  Bronies too.

The hotel was gorgeous. The elevators ended up being slightly possessed, but more on that later. We didn’t rest long however, but we did change our clothes. We then headed back downstairs to go find some food – we hadn’t had an actual meal in about 24 hours. That became a bit of a theme on the trip later on though.

We got a recommendation to check out a place just down the street called Java Joe’s. It was a good recommendation. Rachel had a French Dip – her usual first order at a new restaurant – and I got what was called the Thirty Third (no idea why, but it was delicious and had turkey, bacon, and cheese). The place was fabulous and we were ready to go look around Baltimore.

We had no idea where anything was so we basically just started walking. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to find the harbor so we could touch the Atlantic Ocean. Though I’ve flown over it before I’ve never actually been near enough to touch it. The Mediterranean Sea, yes, but not the Atlantic.

Our wandering did eventually find us in the harbor and the very first thing we did was rush to touch the water. Rachel even took her flip-flops off and put her feet in it! There was some sort of tourist information guy who gave us a weird look, but neither of us cared. We had finally made it. After all the craziness of the trip to Baltimore we were on the east coast.

– Kali

Hey Look, We’re Not Dead!

We went, we’re back and we’ve been remiss in blogging. Oops. We had all these grandiose plans to blog, we were even making up titles for each day while we were gone, but then, well, for me it was post trip apathy, for Rachel I’m not sure. I seem to get that way most times I go anywhere, the first time I went to Wrockstock I almost lost NaNoWriMo because of it!

Anyways, this is just going to be a very short post with a promise of a longer one later today – I’m going to meet a friend for milkshakes.

The short version of how the trip went was that the flights sucked (almost all were delayed), the Con was FANTASTIC, I was right about New York (it’s my dream city), and we managed not to kill each other.

I took a lot less pictures than expected because I was too busy having fun, but I’ll put up the pictures I did take. Rachel also took less pictures than expected, but that’s a whole story that, trust me, will be shared.

Suffice to say that being back is, well, kind of depressing. On the plus side I have school to look forward to next week, but the last couple of weeks have been hard.

Sorry about the silence.

– Kali

Loot Crate

Hey look! Something that’s not about my upcoming trip (which we leave for next week – WOAH!). Instead this is about Loot Crate. It’s one of those things where you pay a certain amount of money each month and they send you a box of stuff – in this case it’s a box of awesome, geeky stuff.

I signed up for it last month after seeing reviews of it from some of my favorite YouTubers (particularly Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter – both of whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person at Wrockstock a couple years back). So, basically, this post is going to be pictures of the awesome stuff I got.

June: Theme = Mash Up


The Loot Crate Itself




I think you can put these on your wall or something…


Stylus & Pen, 2-in-1. I should really actually try this thing.


8 Bit Sunglasses – Possibly my new favorite thing!


Warheads – because CANDY


Dead Pool shirt – a mash up of the Kool Aid guy and something called Dead Pool (even though I don’t know what that is it’s still awesome)




Not all that clear on what this is, but it looks cool

July: Theme = Varsity


I actually forgot all about this until it showed up!


Join the Dark Side, We Have Music


Pez – that’s really bringing back my childhood.


What does Sonic smell like? No idea – it’s still in the package.


Buttons from something called Video Game High School


According to the info card these are the people who made the aforementioned Video Game High School


Stormtroopers, always awesome.


I haven’t used a non mechanical pencil in years, but I might make an exception for this ‘Emergency Wireless Keyboard’


Oh hey! Video Game High School – I guess I’ll have watch this soon.

I’m glad I signed up and I’m excited to get next months Loot Crate. You should sign up too, they’re a glimmer of fun in an otherwise mundane existence. I especially look forward to getting them after my trip when I don’t have that to look forward to!

This time next week we’ll be in Baltimare!

– Kali

54 Days!


One of these things is new – and it’s Doctor Whooves.

Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose. It’s been far too long since either of us posted.

Plans for the Baltimare-Manehattan trip are coming along nicely. Passports are valid, flights have been booked. Really the only thing left to do is find a hotel for NYC. I’m super excited and I’m pretty sure everyone at work wants to kill me because they’re tired of hearing “Guess What? __ Days!”.

School is out for the summer and I’m working full time again. Oddly enough it seems very different from last summer. Not only is Rachel no longer here, but I’m spending more time with other friends including one I’ve made at work. Even work seems less stressful and like it goes by a lot faster than it did last summer. I suppose we’ll see if that’s still the case after our trip.

As always I’ve got my timetable all picked out for next year. Actually, I have two picked out in case something goes wrong (I can’t get into a class or something) and I’m looking forward to school. It seems like this past year went by really fast and it’s crazy to think I’ve only got two more years of school. I’ve got to actually start studying for the LSAT soon (even though I’m not even sure I want to be a lawyer anymore) and my friends are even beginning to graduate. I’m trying not to worry about it too much, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Rachel seems happy at her new-ish job and she successfully booked the time off for our trip as well. I’m still surprised I got the time off to be honest, I really thought my request would be ignored considering it usually was when I asked for one day and this is 10 of them.

Other than being excited for my trip I’ve been doing some reading again – I have a no reading for fun during the school year policy – and it’s good to be returning to my favorite genre (fantasy). And I’ve been mostly keeping up with writing 500 words a day as I swore to after NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve missed a couple of days here and there, but I can count them on one hand. The once a month meetings with my fellow writers had helped in that regard. I also got to fill out the form as a returning ML last week so it should be another fun, but busy, November.

Looks like I have a lot to look forward to!


What is feminism, to you?

Hi All,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, life has been stealing my potential blogging time. I will try to do better.

Recently I’ve been reading “Full Frontal Feminism” by Jessica Valenti, founder of, and I highly recommend it. Its an easy to read book that has thus far broken down feminism and its many various facets and faces, the pretty and the ugly. I have found it to be immensely helpful. This post is NOT a book review, but it does play a part in the reason behind this post.

It was while I was reading “Full Frontal Feminism” that I became intrigued about what other people thought feminism was, how much they knew about it, and what they thought of it. This, of course, lead to me thinking of a way to find out. The obvious answer was to simply and plainly ask people. I know that some people I will ask wont be comfortable answering these questions, but that isn’t going to stop me from asking, I’m just not going to pressure anyone into answering. No one has to ask any question asked, a choice will always be involved.

I want honest and candid answers, not long thought out answers with lots of research involved. That’s not what I’m interested in learning, that’s an essay. I want to know what people really think and know about feminism, and I mean those that don’t identify as feminists. Though, that said, I will be wanting to ask everyone I can, no matter what ones political views are about the subject. The answers can be anything about feminism, everything is interesting to me. There can be no wrong or right answers, since every answer (I’m going to assume while doing this) is exactly what it is supposed to be. Honest.

Now, this post is not meant to get people answering just yet, its really just to get some feedback about what people think about this idea and if anyone who reads this blog (which is way more then I ever thought would read it, I always thought we’d just have one or two readers that were friends we’d told about the blog and they were just following it to be polite) would be willing to answer one or more of the three questions above (and below). All opinions are welcome.

The Questions:
1) What do you think feminism is?
2) What do you think about feminism?
3) How much do you know about it (feminism)?

This is only meant to be for my own personal knowledge and interest, but it may become more if it really catches on (which I am highly doubting).

On another note; if anyone has any job or career advice, a list of choices, or any kind of related information really, I would be more then grateful. I have found myself at a time in my thus far short life where I’m not sure what I’m doing or what I even could be doing. The possibilities are endless and I find myself feeling lost. Some advice would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you and I hope that life is treating you kindly,


I joined Twitter.

There, I said it. It’s a little embarrassing but in my defence I joined in order to follow American election night coverage quickly while on my breaks from work (because I have to work on election night and that SUCKS) and to follow NaNoWriMo stuff.

I am not tweeting – I promise. I have always said that unless you are someone important you should not be tweeting. Because, seriously, most people do not have an interesting life and therefore have nothing to tweet about. It’s the main reason I was reluctant to start a blog – because who cares about what I do with my life?

Apparently some people do since this blog does have followers, but I still don’t think I could ever tweet. Though I do have this feeling that one day I will think I have something clever to say, tweet it, and crickets. No , I’d rather avoid that.

In other news, I’m ahead with my word count for NaNo. And a few of us were interviewed for a local newspaper the other day.


Even if I’m now a twit. There really has to be a better term for someone who is on Twitter…

– Kali