I’m a Harry Potter fan.

I’ve never hid this fact, and I never will. Since the release of Deathly Hallows (Part 2) on November 11th I’ve been keeping myself busy with NaNoWriMo, but it’s hit me that Harry Potter events are going to be few and far between now. So, today I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and purchased my ticket to the Vancouver Yule Ball.

In 2009 when I went to my first Wrockstock (for those of you not in the know it’s a Harry Potter music festival in Missouri) I met a whole whack of awesome people. On the last night at the bonfire I began talking to these two girls. I had gone most of the weekend without meeting anyone even from Canada let alone from the west, but when I said where I was from an explosion happened.


I was that girl and it turned out that these two girls from Vancouver had posted a note looking for me near the Room of Wrockquirement (the main stage for bands). They invited me out to the Yule Ball that December.

I didn’t end up going that year because I got busy with work and forgot about it. I remembered about it last year, but I again didn’t end up going since I didn’t want to go to Vancouver alone. In hindsight that seems a bit ridiculous since when I went to Wrockstock I went alone both times (although of course I knew people when I got there the second time) and that was a lot further away than Vancouver.

Last June I went to a Harry and the Potters concert in Vancouver. It was really my first time in the city, despite the fact that I’ve only lived an hour and a half away for my entire life. Of course I have been there a few times before, but since I’ve been old enough that I remember it clearly it’s only been twice, once on a school trip to Science World and once just to go to the Vancouver airport when I went to Spain.

I’ve always said I loved cities and Vancouver proved it. I fell in love almost instantly. The Harry and the Potters concert was AMAZING. I’d never seen them before (one of the downsides to living in western Canada is that almost no wizard rock bands come here), but they put on a heck of a show. At the show I ended up hanging out with a great group of people (mostly Slytherin, just like me) and then I got to have another one of those fantastic moments that show just how interconnected Harry Potter fans are.

“You obviously really like wrock if you came out here for the show, have you ever heard of Wrockstock?”

Had I ever heard of Wrockstock, heck yes I had! I ended up talking to this girl and we found out that we had actually been at Wrockstock together, which was awesome. She and her friends brought up the Yule Ball and I promised to go. I have a few friends from university who are Harry Potter fans as well and we’ve all decided to go this year, although I think I’d go this time regardless. Especially now that I’m a little more familiar with the city.

I’ve got my ticket. A ticket for one is called ‘The Snape’ and a friend of mine joked that that’s because he’s your date. Since we’re both major Snape fans (and Alan Rickman fans. Yes, there is a difference) this made me deliriously happy.

Something that I really love about the Harry Potter fandom is its propensity for helping others. All proceeds from the ball go to the Surrey Food Bank and to the libraries of two elementary schools in Vancouver. To encourage donation there is a ‘House Cup” (SLYTHERIN FTW!) which is won by the house that donates the most non-perishable items. I love my fandom.

If you live anywhere near Vancouver consider getting your ticket to the Vancouver Yule Ball¬†and come out and party with us. It’s on Thursday December 29th and I’m already super excited. If you don’t live near Vancouver there are Yule Balls hosted in many other places as well

Now only one thing is left to decide; should I wear formal dress or a Harry Potter themed costume?

– Kali