Working: The Best Incentive for School

Don’t get me wrong I do actually like my new job. My coworkers are nice (I even spent my break talking with one of them about Doctor Who), but if I didn’t like school already working a minimum wage job would make me like it. After high school I ended up taking a year off. I was supposed to go to Dalhousie in Halifax, but my grandmother died and so I ended up staying home. Unfortunately, by that time it was too late for me to go to UVic that year so I that’s how I ended up taking the year off.

Although I hated it at the time I realize now that it has turned out for the best. If I hadn’t taken that year off I never would have been able to go to Wrockstock, I never would have done NaNoWriMo, and I never would have met Rachel (and likely any of my other friends either). However, at the time it was excruciating. I spent the year working full time at a Tim Hortons (yes, it did suck). The only thing that kept me sane was multiple countdowns – to Wrockstock, to Christmas, and then the long haul until I could finally start school.

I still had to work when I was at school (and still do), but it was only part time and I still had school to look forward to. My bosses always laughed at me since I was the only person who would rather it was Monday than the weekend. I just like school – I can’t even imagine that one day there will be no more school. It’s part of the reason that I’m pretty sure I’m going to get to my final year of my undergrad, panic, and then apply to graduate schools and law school hoping against hope that someone accepts me. Will the loans suck? Most definitely. However, I don’t even want to imagine a life without school – it just seems so depressing. Working a 9-5 job, not seeing my friends, going home and then doing it all again the next day = BORING!

Fortunately I still have a few years until I need to worry about that, but even though having the money from working is nice I would still rather be in school. Having to work full time for little money is a definite reminder that I love school. And heck, if I have to graduate into being a boring adult one day at least I might be able to get paid better.

– Kali


2 thoughts on “Working: The Best Incentive for School

  1. I really like this post. Definitely stay in school and enjoy school as long as possible. The “real world” outside of school definitely sucks a lot. You get caught up in working, paying bills, obligating yourself to do things you would prefer not to do. The free time you relish to write, hangout with friends and be yourself diminishes and you find yourself longing for the days you did what you truly enjoyed doing with little worry of pleasing everyone else.

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s kind of depressing to realize that life beyond school is as depressing as I expect it to be, but then again I always prided myself on being a realist. I know there will be other friends, but it just won’t be the same.

      – Kali

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